First off, shout out all the Latino Clothing lines & people like King Lil G & Snow tha Product pushing for our culture. G Class Clothing (Owned by Renizance Falcone of Immortal Soldierz) is an independently owned Urban Latino Clothing line designed to make a statement with every design. One of the fastest growing Urban clothing lines out of Texas. "The L 7 logo means "L" for latino & "7" for the 7th letter of the alphabet - G" said Renizance and he goes on to say "and when I say G, I'm talking about the way you handle life and everything it throws at you. A single mother raising 3 kids on her own, in my eyes is handling it like a G. Some one that came from poverty & crime infested neighborhood, & figured out how to make it out of that & become something is a G. G Class Clothing is here to speak for the have-nots & the ones that defy the odds & are able to make something out of nothing. We're here to build something for our people & give back at the same time."